Warning: this video may contain language that some viewers find offensive.

This charming animal video should be classified as NSFW. Pebble the coakatoo unleashes some choice words to her owner at his request that she go back into her cage. As the bird marches back and forth over her dreaded domicile, her language ranges from salty to words that might shock a parent - pet or otherwise.
Pebbles, who lived in about 10 homes across a span of 20 years, finally made it to Canada's Saskatoon Parrot Rescue. "So, we don't know for sure where she learned it, but she came to us with it," a rescue worker told the Daily Mail. "It's obvious she heard it a lot somewhere along the line."  Wherever Pebbles learned it, she obviously enjoys cursing.

According to Bird Channel,  cockatoos may learn a human language or stick to their own for communication. However, the site notes that many cockatoos can develop a bad screaming habit. Pebble's owner should take note of this when meeting the neighbors.

Give someone a laugh by passing along Pebble's feisty rant. Just be certain they are with an appropriate audience if they turn up the speakers.